You have video camera, but you just don't know how to convert it into VCD or DVD, or it's just too complicated to understand, furthermore you are too busy and tired with your tight schedule.

Send your video camera and tape to us, we will help you with a very reasonalbe charges. Don't let your tape corrupted with fungus, by that time it is too late to recover memorable momment recorded inside your camera tape.


before after

Your picture might look like as sample above before restoration process. Send to us your old picture, as our expert will produce it as it was taken yesterday.

You may also think that your collection of picture inside your album need to be digitalized, backup in inside CD or DVD (can last for 100 years) as at any time you can process it, given a new life to your picture. Remove it from your album and send it to us, we will help you to backup your memorable moment.